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The “BMW Motorcycle Owners of Alabama” was formed in October of 1971 by John Harper. We are chartered club #5 in the BMWMOA (BMW Motorcycle Owners of America) and chartered club #107 in the BMW RA (BMW Riders Association) two international owners groups. We are a statewide club but our membership also includes riders from many other states including AR, FL, GA, IL, LA, MD, MO, MS, NC, SD, and TN. Our meetings and outings are held around the southeast and always provide a great time of riding and camaraderie!

Our club elects a slate of officers for the coming year at our annual January planning meeting and all members are encouraged to seek an office. Each meeting draws between 30 and 75 members and guests and so are sort of mini-rallies in themselves. Our ages range from 18 to 83 with the average member in their middle 50’s. Annual membership is $25 per year and associate members or spouses are an additional $5.00. We communicate regularly through a series of ENews newsletters sent via email normally once per month or when an item or event of particular importance to the entire group is announced.

Because we are a large club with a wide geographic footprint we tend to plan more elaborate monthly meetings than the smaller more localized clubs. This is to accommodate the members all around the state and in closely surrounding states. Many of our meetings are at Alabama State Parks, and we move them around to different parts of the state each month. In addition some meetings are held each year in locations in North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, or Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. Club business meetings are held on Saturday night or Sunday mornings of the meeting weekends. Most meeting weekends include Saturday and Sunday although depending on the location sometimes we start the fun on Friday! Those who don’t camp, stay in cabins or hotels in the area of the meetings.

Our club is truly one big family of riders and friends. We have many who will step up and take on the cooking or planning of a monthly meeting weekend, jump in and fill a slot or ten at the rally jobs each year, and still manage to come up with some great “lies” around the campfires each month. You would be hard pressed to find another group of folks that have so many, so willing to take on a part of the work and help make the club the wonderful “family” that it is. We have many long time members that have been in the club for 10, 20 and even 30 years or more. We think that speaks volumes about how much fun, and how easy-going this club is, when you attract members from so many other states that want to be a part of the group. So much fun in fact that we have been doing it for over 52 years!

We have a good mix of riders that enjoy Touring, Sport Touring, or Off Road riding. Rides are mapped and group rides are structured to accommodate all levels of riders providing a fun and safe experience for everyone. Rider meetings or briefings are conducted before group rides so everyone knows the details. There is a bottomless barrel of folks willing to lead rides of different types and in different areas of the state, so a ride is surely going to be held near most members at regular intervals.

Most meeting/campout weekends most often include meals on Sat. night that members in the area of the meeting have agreed to put together. You got to brag when you have a club with this many GOOD SOUTHERN COOKS, and I’m not just talking about the ladies. Cost is usually from $6 to $12. per person for the dinners depending on what we have planned. Sometimes catered meals can be around $20 but you will have advance notice. Camping fees vary but are usually discounted. Hotels are usually nearby in case you do not camp.

We invite you to join us at one of our upcoming events soon!

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