My first experience in motorcycling was a Lambretta scooter I bought for $35.00 while serving in the USAF in the Philippines during the early 60's. When I got home and found a job in the beer distributing business, saved up some money and bought a brand new Norton Fastback commando. That machine would almost fly, I was hooked, two more Nortons, then bought a Yamaha 1100xs inline four, more power and speed, the three Yamaha Ventures, 83, 85, and 88 models, had all the bells and whistles that BMW finally came up with. Dianne was very happy riding through the mountains dragging pegs and talking on the intercom. The bike handled fantastic but was top heavy so after a few parking lot drops (fortunately Dianne was with me to help pick it up), some friends I knew in Savannah, GA who rode BMWs talked me into buying a BMW R1100R a total bare bike. I loved it, Dianne didn't, so I got aR1100RT, then a R1150RT. By then Dianne had her own bike and I went for the 2005 new R1200GS, had four of the, best all-around machine I have ever owned, father time caught up with me and it seemed the older I got the taller and heavier the GS got so looking to still ride I bought a F800GT which did not work at all for my riding style. I now own a Triumph 800XRx. School is not out on it yet, but I can put my feet flat which helps a lot.

Most of my motorcycling has been in long distance travel, camping and attending rallies. I have been in every state in the continental three times on three different bikes, and I hope to do the same on the Triumph. I have over 600,000 miles on BMW's, lets see what we can do on the XRx. Anybody want out west on the way to the MOA national rally?