I’m Bob “Gator” Daigle. I have been a member of the BMWMOAL since 2007 and along with my wife Wanda have participated in a lot of the club functions including meetings and the “Chicken” Rally. I bought my first BMW in 2003 but have owned several different motorcycles over the years with the first one being a Simlpex when I was in high school.

I also owned an NSU Supermax with a side-car rig while I was stationed in Germany. I rode this bike through many areas of Germany and France. I have owned three different BMWs since 2003 and put a total of over 175,000 miles on them. I am 70 years old and I retired in 2005 from La. Department of Wildlife & Fisheries. Wanda and I enjoy traveling and touring both on the bike and by vehicle. We enjoy attending the club meetings and have tried to attend as many of them as we can. I look forward to serving as the club’s Vice-President for the coming year and hope that I live up to the standards of others who have held this office.