Having ridden Harleys since the early 1980s, I was fortunate to meet a fellow Harley rider in 1991 that also rode a BMW. He introduced me to the Alabeemers in 1993 and I found my motorcycling home. What a great group of friendly and fun loving people as well as being excellent motorcycle riders.

My first BMW motorcycle was and still is a 1995 R100GSPDC and I joined the club as soon as I made the purchase in October 1994. (Alabeemers let this X Harley rider hangout with them for almost two years). Over the years, in addition to the PDC, I have owned numerous K1100LTs and K1200LTs, a 1967 R60/2 and a 1976 R90s. Currently; I have the R100GSPDC “Long Tall Sallie”, and also a 2007 K1200LT “Traveler”. Totally, I have ridden a tad over 500,000 miles.

My passion is motorcycle touring and I’ve ridden in all of the United States but three, including Hawaii, each of the Canadian Maritime Provinces except for Newfoundland and Labrador and have traveled eight times to the Alps within four years after retirement. John Herman, in his book “The Alps and Corsica”, coined the term “Alpinitis” which is an incurable disease. The only relief is returning to the Alps, but then you are re-infected.

As Travel Director for our club, I will do my very best to provide our club members and friends with fun and interesting rides and places to visit throughout the year. We will use our updated Alabama Beemers’ Exploring & Epicurean Society - ABEES Touring Guide as the basis for planning our events. Please remember that the ABEES Touring Guide is available for viewing and downloading on our club website: BMWMOAL.ORG - riding tab.