My name is Dianne and I have been a licensed Realtor for over 25 years. I started riding motorcycles as a pillar rider 1988, until my husband Bill Tonkin decided to ride BMW’s. That is when I decided I needed to pilot my on bike. I purchased 2001 BMW F650CS… The biggest accomplishment was riding to Red Lodge Montana and going across the Bear Tooth Pass on the BMW F650CS. Over the years I have taken many courses, mainly to keep up with Bill and to be the best conscientious rider I can be. I have been in almost every state in the US on a motorcycle. The best course I took was Lee Park’s Total Control. That made all the difference in my riding ability. We have been attending the Alabama Chicken Rally since 2005 and joined club in 2012. After volunteering at this rally for several years, I am honored to be the rally chair for the 2018 Great Chicken Rally… I LOVE CHICKEN!!!